Uniqlo Bows Modest Fashion Collection for Muslim Women

Uniqlo is launching a new line based of modest fashions targeting Muslim women in its new spring collection, Uniqlo x Hana Tajima. “Modesty is a very personal thing,” says Japanese-British designer Hana Tajima, in the Express Tribune. “I really wanted to allow people to style the pieces in a way that felt like it was modest to them.”

It’s the second collaboration between the Japanese fast-fashion retailer and the designer. “I think there is something about being mixed that feeds into a desire to live on the boundaries of ideas,” said Tajima inElle. “Crossing from one culture to another, one idea of beauty to another, to find what it is that connects us.”

The collection includes traditional Islamic garments, loose-fitting clothing, hijabs and long-sleeve tops. The hijabs and headbands are made from Uniqlo’s “Airism”—a light, breathable fabric. Uniqlo has released tutorial videos of how to wear and pair the collection.

International designers are reaching out to Muslim audiences, including Dolce & Gabbana’s Abayas Collection and Mango’s Ramadan Collection, while a Muslim girl in hijab unveiled H&M’s latest line.

There’s even a Hijarbie Barbie Doll with an impressive Instagram following that was designed by a Nigerian medical scientist named Haneefa Adam.

When Uniqlo partnered with Tajima last year, “For Muslim women there was almost a sense of being recognized for the first time,” she said, inFashionista. “Then, more generally, to have a different sort of voice, another kind of aesthetic available, was really refreshing.”

There needs to be a real understanding of the women who will be wearing these designs, explained Tajima. “I think that starts with breaking down boundaries and allowing clothing to be something that can connect us.”