Creative thinking

Branding Insights: Most branding consultancies started as marketing companies or individuals working within organisations charged with monitoring and ensuring consistency across communication channels, a kind of middle ground tepid position in a company straddling their employers business objectives with the chosen agency and graphic house.  

As the business environment changed and the world became more accustomed to the power of branding many of these marketing shops and individuals have gone out into the big wide world under the umbrella of branding.  

Delivering this same lukewarm marketing pitches and buzz words that would be more suited to Madmen and charging a premium by offering design and creative as an added value but knowing or nothing about the execution and direction of such.

At ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding we believe that the creative is what differentiates the brand and thus is the visual/sensual representation of a solid brand strategy,  more than just good design and graphics but an around holistic experience.   This is why our team is made up of a diversified skill set heralding from management consultants and investment bankers combined with top line creatives, designers and technologists.

Strategy + Design = Value