Recently, rumors were buzzing that Penelope Cruz will be joining Daniel Craig in the next 007 click. Turns out, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Though Ms. Cruz was practically born to play a Bond girl, here are a few other names MGM and Columbia Pictures would be wise to look into for the next installment...

Zoe Saldana: With a handful of high profile roles under her belt, the exotic Zoe Saldana is the perfect mix of sweet, sexy and talented. She'd be great alongside Daniel Craig.

Blake Lively: She might not be close to Academy Award caliber, but there's no denying that the American actress is one of the most beautiful woman working in Hollywood today. Her natural charm and class would match Bond's dapperness nicely.

Emily Ratajkowski: Famous for her promiscuous appearance in Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' music video, the model turned actress will be making her debut in David Fincher's next film, Gone Girl. If one of the best directors of all time saw something in her, chances are she's cut out for a role in a 007 movie. Especially if it involves a bikini.

Irina Shayk: Sure, she might not have any acting experience or an IMDB page, but the Russian model sure knows how to look amazing in front of the camera.

Emilia Clarke: The Game of Thrones beauty is known for her ability to play a strong and sexy character with a whole lot of innocence and grace. Sounds like perfect Bond girl.

Anne Hathaway: If she can carry the personality and confidence she had inThe Dark Knight Rises to a 007 movie, let's just say that would be a welcome sight.

Article taken from Airrows
OCT 8, 2013