This Agency's New Website Is a Huge, Hilarious Parody of Terrible Agency Websites

This Agency's New Website Is a Huge, Hilarious Parody of Terrible Agency WebsitesInsipid self-regard, dumb clients, buzzwords and more

By Tim Nudd

As a rule, agency websites are pretty wretched—full of self-congratulation, jargon, "creative" headshots and pompous meditations on proprietary philosophies and processes. But Zulu Alpha Kilo's is the absolute worst—in a good way.

The Toronto agency launched a new website this week that's intentionally awful, as it parodies the "sameness" of every agency website. The page is strewn with insufferable garbage, from inspirational posters to founder bios. (The shop's actual founder is Zak Mroueh, whose first name is where "Zulu Alpha Kilo" comes from. But here the fictional founders are Frank Zulu, Marcus Alpha and Katherine Kilo, all of whom are morons.)

The centerpiece of the site is this video, which shows the agency at its most ridiculous:

There's plenty more to explore, though, with multimedia easter eggs planted throughout. A particular favorite is the client section, which profiles four fake accounts—Plan C Condoms, Glen's Pet Supply Store, La Poubelle and Cravers + Chocolate. Case studies for each are rife with clichéd modern marketing techniques, featuring pranks, cynical awards bait and dumb trademarked agency processes like "Holist-i-think" and "Result-a-Breakthrough."  (The writeup of the Plan C Condoms campaign—the gray box here shows an excerpt—is particularly spot on in capturing the gleefully evil obliviousness of so many targeted ad strategies.)

"Every agency website essentially says the same thing. So we decided to poke a little fun at the sameness of the industry with our mocku-site," says Mroueh.

The agency says it's using the new site "as a chance to create entertaining content, albeit fictional." All production was handled through Zulu's content creation division zulubot. The only "real" part of the website (apart from a lawyers' note) is the fairly hidden "Contact" section, where the agency admits: "What you just read wasn't the real Zulu Alpha Kilo. If you'd like to know what really sets us apart, please get in touch. We promise Frank Zulu, Marcus Alpha and Katherine Kilo won't be there.")

Zulu Alpha Kilo is pretty adept at industry takedowns, having produced the viral "Say No to Spec" video last year, decrying the standard practice of agencies producing work for free during pitches. 

Check out some "inspirational" wall papers from the fake site below.