Qantas New Uniform Is An Awesome Step Back In Time

Qantas today revealed their latest uniform, this time for their pilots. Stepping back in time, designer Martin Grant has resurrected the Naval inspired white pilots cap, making the uniform not only striking, but iconic.

The uniform replaces the 13 year old uniform from Peter Morrissey but maintains the single breasted jacket, with a more fitted look – and the new threads actually hark back to the uniforms of Qantas from the 1940s. The fitting of the jacket doesn’t just reflect fashion trends, but also serves a purpose, allowing more range of movement in the cockpit, a fairly confined space.

We love the splash of red, which can only be seen on the rear vent of the jacket, which connects the uniform to that of the cabin crew, and adds a modern twist to an otherwise, classic, and quite frankly, good looking uniform.