At Adelahaye we believe that great brands are built by taking a strategic approach to the creative process forging together the economic, analytical and operational experience of the management consultant, researcher and strategist with the problem solving and creative expression of the designer, editor or creative.

We achieve this by integrating a team of seasoned business and creative professionals hailing from some of the worlds leading management consultancies, advertising agencies and creative shops led by our team of core executives listed below and supported by an extensive global advisory team. 

The old adage of  “think global – act local” has never resonated so prolifically than now, the rise of the emerging markets and the general flattening of the world’s economies has led us deliberately to  built a global business that operates as one seamless company across all of our offices – bringing the very best of our experience and our thinking to all our clients combined with the very best in class and have a clear and researched understanding of both the market environment and the communication and cultural environments unto which we operate.