In the contemporary business environment, with increased competitiveness and volatile markets integrity is one of the most sought-after qualities not only of individual employees, but of the company as a whole. At Adelahaye Strategic Branding integrity and transparency is fundamental in our continued success. 

In creative industries it is now too easy for agencies, employees and consultants to claim and mislead companies an individuals in their actual involvement or extent of involvement in projects and products.  

Here at ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding we believe in a transparent approach to pitching as we also believe our credentials and clients speaks volumes more so than any portfolio or cleverly written marketing pitch could ever do, our reputation and integrity is our brand so we take it very seriously.  

With this in mind we are open about our involvement in all our projects and where possible we list the individual’s client side who we worked with directly, prospective clients can contact us about any of our previous clients for referrals and recommendations and we shall happily disclose the relevant contact information to them if available.

We have in the past been made known the unfortunate fact that some of our work and credentials have been plagiarised and through confidentiality we are unable to disclose the perpetrators online however should visitors or clients view any of our listed clients and projects on any other third party websites please do contact us to verify the authenticity.

Please view our client pages to view all of our clients and our capacity of involvement with their business,  should you wish to verify any projects or report a potential misuse of ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding featured work please contact us here.